29 March 2013

Another spectacular sunrise

     False Bluff faces east and we see many days that have pretty amazing beginnings.

22 March 2013

Some of the hibiscus

     There's a variety of hibiscus blooming and additional varieties being planted.  Fun to see and to cut for use in the house.

15 March 2013

Cool sea breeze and a hammock

     The site of my tent, before the house was finished, and now a place to relax.   Nestled in a clump of sea grape a hammock swings in cool shade.

08 March 2013

How to ripen bananas

     I've bought unripe peaches and stored them for a few days in a paper bag.  I'd been told this ripens them - and it works.  
     But I never knew about burying hard, green bananas in the ground to ripen them.
     Dig a hole about eighteen inches deep and line the bottom with part of a banana leaf.  Pile the unripe bananas in the hole and cover them with banana leaf.  Then fill the hole back up with dirt.
     After four or five days, dig the bananas out of the hole and enjoy them:  sweet and ripe!
 These would have been weeks ripening on the tree...
 but a few days later they're ready to enjoy.

06 March 2013

Off grid...

and off line for several weeks.  Powering back up now.