28 July 2015

Farm Friends

     Its always nice to make new friends.  This little chick was quite spoiled and preferred to spend the days begging food from people instead of foraging with the other chickens.  In the evenings it would roost on someone's shoulder.  Once it fell asleep we would put it up on a high shelf so it was safe.

How can you say no to that face?

20 July 2015

Farm Food

     Do we really need electricity?  Figured it would be decades before power lines were out on the Bluff so everyone had just gotten along without it.  Who knew running a line through some very tough jungle would be the easiest way to connect BLU to the rest of the country.  Is it worth hooking up to now?  Maybe a post on that one day.
     So one of the most frequently asked questions is how do we store and cook food?  A lot of the fruits and vegetables are fresh off the farm.  Since we front on the Caribbean and back up to a lagoon seafood is easy enough to gather.   Before leaving town we usually stock up with some canned goods and dry goods.  These supplies are usually more than enough to make some nice meals in between boat trips.  A nice glass of ice water does hit the spot though.

14 July 2015

Bug Power - Leaf Cutter Ants

     Like a massive interstate highway these leaf cutter ants are non-stop carrying vegetation snippets back to their colony.  For a couple years we have had to step over this ant highway so I finally snapped some pictures.  Not sure how long they have been there but with this constant level of labor the colony is probably quite large.  Its worth a couple minutes to just stop and watch the flow.

06 July 2015

Noni Fruit

     The Noni Fruit, scientifically known as Morinda Citrifolia but more aptly nicknamed the Pig Apple.  The juice from this green brainy looking fruit sells for a pretty steep price in the USA.  Out of all the "Superfoods" it's always near the top of the lists.  Based on a quick scan of the internet this fruit does everything and hardly nothing, which seems to be the case with all "Superfoods".

   One thing this fruit does do is stink.  The more it ripens the stinkier it gets.  Supposedly to make medicine from Noni Fruits you pick ripe ones off the ground, put them in a glass jar, let them liquefy for a week in the sunshine, and then drink the juice.  Noni seems to grow pretty much anywhere, including the beach within 20 paces of the hi-tide line.