27 February 2019

Plastic and Our Safety


     At False Bluff, every day we experience the intrusion of plastic as trash.  It's always washing up on the beach and we're always cleaning it off.  But the plastic problem is more than its impact as trash.
     Below is a link to the summary of study from CIEL, the Center for International Environmental Law.  The link to the entire report is at the end of the summary.  The study confirms what I think many of us have wondered...that plastic, trash or not, presents a danger to all of us, all the time.
     The summary is an easy but unpleasant read, citing early on the need for what it calls a "lifecycle approach," stating that "At every stage of its lifecycle, plastic poses distinct risks to human health"...and then outlines how, when, and where.  A lot of the where is in our bodies.       
     For instance, consideration of the risks at the stage of "Direct Exposure" proceeds from "Extraction & Transport," through "Refining & Manufacture," to "Consumer Use," and finally "Waste Management."


21 February 2019

Ho hum...

     ...another absolutely beautiful sunrise at False Bluff.

     Actually, sitting on the beach or on a porch when this happens is pretty mind-boggling.  

14 February 2019

Two pictures and their story

               From just about the same vantage point, the pier became more than a dream. 
     In the first picture the main pier was being laid out so that construction could start.  Clearing around the area had just begun, and we hadn't even started digging the canal that would eventually bring boats in from Smokey Lane Lagoon rather than from the Caribbean.

     Years later that first pier provides access to a growing amount of boat traffic.

08 February 2019

A variety of lizards, a variety of colors

     Lizards come in different colors like coconuts do...or apples or flowers.
     This one's scaling a young coconut tree and blending in pretty well:

     And another one is between clumps of green where blending in is easier than on a 2 x 4.

03 February 2019

Mother plants in the nursery

     This picture was taken after three palm trees were removed to enlarge our plant nursery at False Bluff.  An entire row of new mother plants was planted the day after the trees came down.
     Most of what is easily visible here are in the two rows of mature plants.  The new additions are barely visible in the far left marked with short pieces of PVC pipe.  There are also new plantings marked in the middle row below.  We use PVC because the termites don't eat it...