27 September 2016

Final Bit of the Canal

Just a couple minutes of video from the end of the boat trip from Bluefields, through the lagoons, and the final bit of canal.  At the very end you can see the farm house and a straight walk will take you to the Caribbean beach.

20 September 2016

Spiffing up the Guest Dock

The guest dock looking good with some fresh boards and freshly cut grass.  This view from the dock is looking west into the jungle towards the lagoon.  After traveling along our shady canal you know you have reached the farm when you are back in the sunshine.

13 September 2016

Connected to the Country

Bluefields is the capitol of the southern state R.A.A.S.  Its a great town and we fly into it so we can boat out to the farm at False Bluff.  During most of the years we have been staying in town it has not been connected to the rest of the country by a road.  Everything and everyone would would either fly in or boat in from the port at Rama.  Construction on the road started a couple years ago and has reached Bluefields.  Hopefully this will only bring positive changes to the town and the surrounding jungle.