30 April 2016

At the end of the day.....

     or at the beginning of the day or any time in between!

24 April 2016

A dog and his grass

     Lemongrass isn't really a grass.  It's an herb, both culinary and medicinal. We use it for landscaping and for really good hot tea.
     Domesticated dogs are known to eat grass for all sorts of reasons. Dogs in the wild eat fruits and berries.  Our dog at False Bluff gnaws on lemongrass for some reason including maybe that he just likes the taste. I don't think he swallows it.  Lemongrass is really fibrous and it's difficult to eat.  I've tried.

21 April 2016

Fresh ginger

     .....and I mean really fresh ginger. Not what just got delivered to Walmart this morning, but what came out of the ground five minutes ago. 
     Ginger is another thing that thrives and grows well at False Bluff and we take full advantage of that.  These two bunches were just dug. Some will be used here, some will go to Bluefields.

17 April 2016

Eddie Bauer

      ...and a gaggle of girls.  Actually, not disorderly or loud at all, but having a lot of fun.  We pitched a tent just north of the house and in full sight of the grownups, one of whom I think ended up in the tent.
     These kids are the daughters and nieces of some recent visitors to False Bluff.

     Some of these youngsters were in the previous post welcoming a new day. 

11 April 2016

Long shadows

     Early morning at False Bluff....the calm Caribbean draws some young visitors to welcome a new day.

07 April 2016

A picnic

   Recently my ten-month old grandson visited Bluefields and False Bluff. For a while he and his parents stayed at Hotel Caribbean Dream which is on the main street of Bluefields in sight of all sorts of goings on. The hotel's been our way-station off and on for a decade.
     There's a restaurant in the hotel but this kid liked picnics on the upstairs porch.

02 April 2016

Diplomacy: a Richmonder and a big red truck

     A city of Richmond (Virginia) firefighter recently visited us in Bluefields and at False Bluff - and while in Bluefields he introduced himself to some of that city's firefighters. 
     People can share common ground most anywhere in the world.  And when you share a working knowledge and understanding of big, complicated, bright red trucks that are designed to help save lives and property, the common ground can be pretty easy to locate. 
     The sort of interaction that results is surely the most effective kind of diplomacy there is. 
     Here the Richmonder checks out a fire and rescue unit that was donated by Russia to Bluefields, the small port city on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua just a few miles by water from False Bluff.

     On arrival, the big red truck didn't fit into the Bluefields' firehouse as the building was...so some alteration was made to the building front, as you can see below, that enabled the truck to be moved inside.      
     Firefighters from different countries and different cultures joined in common appreciation of a job and its equipment.

     Can you claim "busman's holiday" if there aren't any buses involved? (That's a purely rhetorical question. I know the answer already.)