29 March 2017

21 March 2017

Beautiful Point

On a trip south in Bluefields Bay to visit a friends place we passed by a beautiful point with just a single home on it.  The picture does not capture how scenic it really is.  I can only imagine the view of the bay from there.

14 March 2017

El Bluff Connection

Since the road into town is still not completed, Bluefields was connected to the national power grid by running power lines south along False Bluff (see previous posts) to El Bluff, then across the bay to Bluefields.  The power was then connected to the preexisting lines that were powered by the town generator.

07 March 2017

BLU Hills

Bluefields was supposedly founded by Pirates.  If so they picked a very good spot.  The town sits on a nice protected bay with quick access into the Caribbean.   It is also close to a major river for inland access.  Even better though it has hills, big ones.  A lot of the surrounding land is almost at sea level.  Not sure how many big hills there are but the views from them are great.