29 January 2017

Raising and attaching our transformer

     I didn't purchase the transformer that provides power to my home in the USA.  In established neighborhoods in Bluefields transformers are provided although even there you can buy your own. Some businesses do and some homeowners do.
     But the only way I was going to get electricity from the new power lines that run along the coast was to buy a transformer...and there are certain obvious benefits, the most immediate of which is that I can say what gets attached to it and what doesn't. 
     Here are a few more photos of the transformer being put into place.
     A rope was tied around the transformer in preparation for lifting it to its height and position on the utility pole that is behind the house.

     The electician from ENEL prepares for his climb...

     and then outfits himself with everything he'll need once he gets where the transformer's going.

     Once at the height that will enable him to tap into the existing wires, that's done quickly and safely. Here the electrician is waiting for the transformer to arrive.

      Above the banana and cashew trees, the transformer is attached to the pole and connected to the grid.


14 January 2017

Getting ready to install our very own transformer

        In November 2016 I posted that we had purchased our very own transformer. Here are some photos from the day of installation. 
     The ENEL (national electric company) representative came out with two other men who I thought were there to help him. 
     The guys turned out to be with the boat rather than with ENEL and - as did I - stood around and watched, while the supplies and equipment were laid out or put on in anticipation of raising the transformer.

     Watching this guy was like watching someone prepare for war but it was obvious he knew what he was doing...every move was practiced, whether on the ground or near the top of a pole.

08 January 2017

In the works

     A small building, closer to the Caribbean than the existing building, with living space both above and below...the "ground" floor space will consist of hammocks and hanging chairs.  
     Life is good!

02 January 2017

Honey bee...

     ...on a palm tree flower (not a coconut palm).