25 June 2018


     As in the recent post "Sea grape," nature exhibits the beauty of youth here with young, new leaves making their debut against the older leaves on one of our young mango trees at False Bluff.

20 June 2018

Bath time

     Bluefields is primarily a water based community.  Almost everything comes and goes via water.  The boat shown here is at a dock in the heart of town and is registered to the Pto. El Bluff - that is the Port of El Bluff.
     El Bluff and its port are just a few miles across Bluefields Bay.  The small town sits on a strip of land where the bay and the Caribbean meet.  And El Bluff is almost exactly 8 miles south of False Bluff by beach walk.  Boats travel between Bluefields and El Bluff regularly...with people and supplies and motorcycles and pets and birthday cakes etc
     While this particular boat is waiting to be loaded with people and cargo, it's getting wiped down with a wet cloth by a wet man.


15 June 2018

11 June 2018

Sea grape

     A new leaf and an old leaf - nature's exhibit of the beauty of youth on one of the sea grapes at False Bluff.

07 June 2018

When a vehicle is too big

     Small communities and small roads that are often under repair or construction...dual king cab pick up trucks just don't cut it.

     Some roads are like this...

     ...and others are like this.

     At El Bluff and many other communities up and down the Caribbean Coast, this is the perfect transportation fits most any kind of road.

02 June 2018

Yeah, yeah, yeah...we'll put you down

        And actually we did, as we always do, put these babies down if and when we are lucky enough to catch one.
    Fast moving little suckers.