25 April 2014


     In the 11 July 2013 blog post I called this stuff  'Beach trash.'
     An article on Earth Day in Huff Post Green calls it garbage.  The headline reads  'The Tragedy of Ocean Trash.'
     The United States (surprise, surprise) is cited as the largest contributor.  Here's a link to the article that outlines the life cycle of this crap and tragedy it is.
     Happy Earth Day!


23 April 2014


     The Nicaraguan Electricity Company (Empresa Nicaraguense de Electricidad) has been an almost daily presence at False Bluff for months. Various crews have been working on a project which has a side benefit of bringing electricity to about twenty-six miles along the Caribbean coast...something no one thought would happen for decades...or at all.
     There will be several posts with pictures of various phases and changes this is making for us.

A 'clearing' crew on the way to work.

17 April 2014

A favorite beach find

     I enjoy walking the beach and the always changing collection of stuff that washes up.  A previous post dealt with trash, the cleaning of which is an ongoing task; but there are treasures to be found as well.  This seed is sort of like snow flakes (without the cold that comes with snow): no two are alike.

     Usually I only find the individual seeds and if they're not found soon after they wash ashore further 'washing' and exposure to the constant salty breezes dulls them.  But every now and then I find a pod.  Tough as dried leather, they're worth the effort to break open.

10 April 2014

Getting to the useful part

     Opening a coconut takes practice.

03 April 2014


     Expect the unexpected because there's something beautiful/interesting/unusual everywhere you look.