29 August 2017

Above it all, part 6

     If you stand just under the front lip of K and L's house porch (which is at least eight feet off the ground), you can see the outlines of the path that he has laid out. The pathway leads right to the edge of the Caribbean, which you can just see here.  

     He's already lined the south edge of the path with baby coconut palms.

22 August 2017

Crab Soup Festival

Its that time of year.  Every August Big Corn Island, in the Caribbean 40 miles off the coast of False Bluff, celebrates their emancipation from slavery by having the Crab Soup Festival.  I've only been able to make it to one so far.  The day of the parade drummers in trucks start circling the island at about 3am.  It's a very festive atmosphere for a couple of days.  

The greased pole.

Maybe a little to festive, some late night vehicle damage done to Casa Canada during the festival.

The end of the Crab Soup Parade.  Turn your volume down.

13 August 2017


     a tree falls in a forest, does it make a sound? 

     If the waves stop rolling to shore, can you hear the butterfly go by?

04 August 2017

Above it all, part 5

     K and L's house at Las Tortugas, part of False Bluff, is shown here partially under roof but with the parging on the cinder block not yet begun...and what a difference these two things will make when done! 
     There is less than one-quarter of the below-house space enclosed (where there are the stairs, the well, and room for storage). The rest of that space, that ground level open space, will be living space used almost as much as the enclosed space that's "above it all."

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     And Cesper Fox, the builder, is taking a break on the living room windowsill which faces the Caribbean.

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