27 March 2014

Heading north along the beach

     How could anyone get tired of this way of life....

20 March 2014

Shades and shapes

     Pumice is a volcanic rock that's so porous it floats with the tides onto the beach at False Bluff.   During its time in the water pumice is worn into all sorts of different shapes.   I have no idea what causes its different shades.

(Pen didn't float in with the piece below.)

13 March 2014

Nature's decorations

     Last year I was at False Bluff when the sea grapes ripened.   During my latest visit the grapes weren't ripe but from the looks of things there will be a bumper crop.   Difficult to see in the first picture, but check out the second one.  The sea grape is loaded with what looks kind of like tinsel on a Christmas tree.

06 March 2014

That beautiful palm tree, part IV

     The 'nuts and fronds we're dealing with now are from mature trees, trees that were already on False Bluff when this project began.   The maintenance issue's going to get much worse when the 400 or so newly planted trees begin to bear. The loss of mature trees from time to time don't make a noticeable difference in grounds maintenance.

     Some Bluefields residents who visit me at False Fluff exclaim how pretty the place is, and then chastise me in a quiet aside that the coconut trees I've planted won't bear to their fullest potential because I've planted them too close together. I'm just hoping some agriculturalist somewhere develops a coconut tree that doesn't produce 'nuts!