24 October 2013

From lagoon to sea

     On the pontoon boat getting ready to enter the creek from Smokey Lane Lagoon to make the half mile trip through the mangrove swamp to False Bluff on the Caribbean.

18 October 2013

Phone central

     There's a pathway worn from the house to the beach which you can see in some earlier posts' pictures.   There are benches at the end of the path and it's a nice place to relax at the end of the day when the sun's going down behind you: cool and breezy and you can see for miles.

     And where the benches are is just about the only place anywhere along this section of coast where cell phones work. The False Bluff family has cell phone reception in the house; but visitors, usually from the north, will come down to False Bluff partly for the company and partly so they can call out....to wherever.

13 October 2013

An any-time snack

     So, we've got all those pineapple plants producing fruit (and more plants being put in the ground), what to do with all that pineapple?  Staff pick them, guests pick them...they all end up in a plate or a bowl.

04 October 2013


     We have lots of pineapple plants...about four hundred so far.   And as a plant produces fruit it also produces more plants so we'll be adding to what we've already got.  

The fruit, the actual pineapple, starts in the heart of the plant

and grows slowly over several weeks

but it's worth the wait.

There is a new, young plant visible just to the right of the fruit.