22 December 2020

Blue Day

 Just a reminder of a nice blue beach day during our cold holiday season.  Hopefully trips and work will resume soon !

08 December 2020

Cabin Delays

Unfortunately with the pandemic everything has been moving in slow motion.  The cabins haven't had any new work done.  The barrel with building supplies is sitting in customs waiting to be checked out.  Just waiting to see how the future unfolds.  The vaccine is forthcoming.  The snow is also scheduled to hit us here at home soon.  Would be so nice to be down there getting some work done while dodging the cold weather.

07 December 2020


 Wish we had some more news to post up for everyone that checks in on the blog but, the pandemic is slowing progress down for now.  Hopefully things will normalize soon and travel can safely resume.  No telling how long it will take for tourism to resume in the region.

One bit of interesting news, the blog just hit a new mark.

If anyone has any questions or needs any info please feel free to send an e-mail.