07 September 2021

August Turtle Hatch

 Something seldom seen out on the Bluff is a nest of sea turtles hatching.  The Bluff is a beautiful, but harsh environment and very few people live out there.  The people that do live on the Bluff are sometimes seasonal farmers but some may set up camp to walk the beach in search of "treasure".  A beached turtle is easy prey and money.  Most nests are easily located and the eggs are dug up and sold at the market.  This is life on the Miskito Coast.

We occasionally hear rumors of a nest hatching nearby and we have found old turtle egg shells left over from hatches when out walking.  A couple weeks ago we were sent a video of a turtle hatch that occurred at False Bluff.  Windy night time video, it is what it is and not much more details than that.  Hopefully a good sign though!


Clearing and Sea Grapes

 When the farms were cleared, some Sea Grapes were selectively left to grow.  The farms had very dense vegetation and there were not a lot of large trees out there except for some old Coconuts.

Since the clearing and the removal of the smaller vegetation the selected Sea Grapes have been able to grow better and have become noticeably larger.