29 March 2022

Plush Front Yard

The front yard has grown in and is really looking nice.  Yes, the grass is as plush and soft as it looks.

15 March 2022


     A couple of times, coming into the canal from the lagoon, heading for the beach, we've come across very clear signs that people have used our canal for the wrong reason:  easy access to wood, lumber, building materials.  

     To date we've not had anybody arrested.  A couple of diligent days (and nights) have interrupted the work and kept the people from coming back.  When you listen for it, when you're on alert, you can hear a chain saw even from nearly a half-mile away.

01 March 2022

Fence Repair

Wood and ferrous metal do not last long on the Miskito Coast.  Time to replace some posts and retighten the wire.

This fence is along the central path that divides the north farms and the south farms.