26 July 2014

A recent visitor

     This beauty showed up one day on his or her way somewhere else....

19 July 2014


The changing scenery at False Bluff

Looking North...

...and South

12 July 2014


     Finally...the hole is dug and the 'house' pole is moved into place.

     The ground end is positioned near the hole and the guy with the X-shaped tool stands ready to hold the pole when the men start to lift it.

     Up goes the pole.....

     ...as the guys with the barbed sticks move into position.


05 July 2014

The house gets painted

     The first paint on the house at False Bluff was flat latex:  a creamy white and 'flamingo' on the wood work.
     Though we stayed with the same general color scheme, the change is startling. We've gone from the flat cream to high gloss white; and there's never been a flamingo born that's the shade of pink that now graces the wood work.
     The change to oil based high gloss works well in this Caribbean environment and it sure cleans easily!

          It didn't take any time at all to get used to.