27 May 2018

False Bluff is a tiny part of a whole

     The link below, from National Geographic, is something I would more than likely have posted on facebook but we've cut ties with that wasteland and so here is where it will go.  
     "Planet or Plastic" is worth some time, some study, and some commitment.  The problem of plastic is worldwide and huge but there are things that each of us can do.
     There's a lot of good stuff here:


22 May 2018

Boats jockey for position

          Every day is market day in Bluefields when fresh food is delivered by boat directly from the source to the buyer.  Most of the food sold at the wharfs consists of very fresh picked bananas, oranges, lemons, plantains; and very freshly caught fish and shrimp. 
     Most everything for sale in Bluefields arrives in town by water.  Some of it gets flown in, but that consists usually of small stuff - not things like cars or king sized mattresses or roofing materials or new tires or a new couch.   Now that "the road" is finished more material will travel to town by truck; but the road is new and not totally reliable during the rainy season.
     There are several wharfs throughout the city, all with boats positioning themselves as close as possible to buyers.  This wharf is in the heart of town adjacent to the main market.
     Sellers and buyers know each other and shop daily for the freshest produce for home, hotel, sidewalk market, or restaurant.  

17 May 2018

Let me out of here!

     Does not want to take "no" for an answer.
     This is on the upstairs porch at Hotel Caribbean Dream on Bluefields' main drag and from here you can get a pretty good view of what's going on in the center of town.

     And "no"...you can't get off the boat until we get to False Bluff.

11 May 2018

Building materials

     Wood cut to order for framing a new building and the incredible 'new' cementitious roofing rest in a shady spot at False Bluff before the stuff is needed.  
     The climate along any body of water is rough on everything, even housing.  Along the Caribbean, salt-filled breezes tear the paint off exterior walls and the sun fades colors fast.  Metal roofs rust away regardless of how often they're painted.    Maintenance only does so much.  
     Cementitious roofing, however, can have the color impregnated throughout and won't need paint for years, if ever...and then not because of the salt in the air but from the bleaching sun.
     The roofing, though of a pretty standard widths, is offered in multiple lengths so there's very little waste in installation.

     The ridge caps, which are also cementitious,  are awesome - in the literal definition of the word: "extremely impressive or daunting, inspiring great admiration."  Some are shown here being loaded into one of a two boat caravan taking material to False Bluff.


     There's a photo from this earlier post giving a close up look at the roof material, minus the color...although I can't imagine anyone wanting a grey roof:  

     One of my goals in life is to never, ever, build anything that has a roof with valleys...amen.

06 May 2018

Leaving facebook

We thank you for following our story on facebook, but we’re going to leave there real soon.

With that said, we hope you stick with us to keep up with the really incredible journey, because we sure aren't leaving False Bluff. We have plans and people to introduce and plants to grow; and as we learn, we'll share.

The False Bluff story and new pictures will continue be just a click away at www.falsebluff.com, especially if you bookmark us. We've tried to post weekly and haven't missed that mark by much.

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