11 May 2018

Building materials

     Wood cut to order for framing a new building and the incredible 'new' cementitious roofing rest in a shady spot at False Bluff before the stuff is needed.  
     The climate along any body of water is rough on everything, even housing.  Along the Caribbean, salt-filled breezes tear the paint off exterior walls and the sun fades colors fast.  Metal roofs rust away regardless of how often they're painted.    Maintenance only does so much.  
     Cementitious roofing, however, can have the color impregnated throughout and won't need paint for years, if ever...and then not because of the salt in the air but from the bleaching sun.
     The roofing, though of a pretty standard widths, is offered in multiple lengths so there's very little waste in installation.

     The ridge caps, which are also cementitious,  are awesome - in the literal definition of the word: "extremely impressive or daunting, inspiring great admiration."  Some are shown here being loaded into one of a two boat caravan taking material to False Bluff.


     There's a photo from this earlier post giving a close up look at the roof material, minus the color...although I can't imagine anyone wanting a grey roof:  

     One of my goals in life is to never, ever, build anything that has a roof with valleys...amen.