31 March 2020

Trip Update #1 - February 2020

We are back home and mostly caught up with what we can during the pandemic.  We had two family trips so far this year.  I hopefully will be able to download Mom's photos after things normalize and get some blog posts up from her trip.  Our family went down to False Bluff a few days after Mom got back.  Unfortunately with so much to do back home its difficult for everyone to visit at the same time.

It was very nice to get the family back down after having missed our last trip.  We usually fly American Air through Miami but the prices had gotten pretty high and the normal early flight was not available.  Its nice to be in Nicaragua before lunch and be able to fly LaCostena to Bluefields in the afternoon.  This trip we tried something new.  Affordable Spirit red-eye flights through Fort Lauderdale.  

Great price but hard to do with kids.

After some late night pre-flight running around with a bunch of other kids our boys finally slowed down a bit.  They stayed awake through the flight until we got to the hotel.  We stayed at the Airport Hotel X in Managua the Monte Cristo neighborhood.  Everyone finally fell asleep around 3am Managua time.  

Visiting the pet monkeys at the hotel before our LaCostena flight to Bluefields.