31 July 2018

Shrimp Fleet

A small fleet of shrimpers usually fishes in one of the lagoons on the way to False Bluff.  Pull your boat up next to one of theirs and you can get the best buy of the freshest shrimp around.

24 July 2018

Good Meal and Great View

The second floor of the public market has been open for a couple of years now since the renovation.  If you want a good affordable meal and a great view its worth a visit.

17 July 2018

Choppy Day on the Bay

Even when rain squalls are coming through every few hours and the bay stays choppy, the boats still run and commerce still goes on.

11 July 2018

The Long Cut

For the first few years flying into Bluefields, there was a long stretch of uninterrupted dark green jungle before town quickly popped up unannounced.  Then the dirt road started stretching further and further into the green alerting you that your flight was almost done.  Now you can see the light green patches of farms and the white line of the road quite a ways before you get close to town.