25 August 2015

Sunrises or Sunsets?

     Which is better, watching a sunrise or a sunset?  The left siders get the sunsets but we right siders get the sun rises.  It's always nice to start a day with a good sunrise when the Caribbean is flat and glassy.  It's a good way to mark the start of each day.  Hopefully good starts make for good days.

18 August 2015

Seasonal - White Flowers

     Yep, not the most informative title.  Not sure what this ground cover is called but when in bloom it makes quite an attractive lawn.

11 August 2015

Seasonal - Butterfly Swarm

     One of the strangest seasonal migrations out on the bluff are the butterflies.  For about a week there is a steady trickle of black butterflies heading south.  Seem to be higher numbers in the morning and evening hours but all day long they are flying by.  They follow along the beach or close to it.  Didn't see any over on the lagoon side of the bluff.  For a few days its just a stream of butterflies.

04 August 2015

Cutting the Line In

     It was quite an effort to get the power line cut in, especially considering it was done by hand tools.  Everyday the crew would have to walk all the way back to where they stopped cutting the day before.  A lot of the cutting was done in standing water.  Not even sure how they got over the estuaries.   Even from the air you can only see a couple miles of the whole 30 mile project.