24 May 2015

Coconut trees...more

     The coconut trees we've planted  - nearly five hundred of them by now, or maybe more - have grown really really fast.  Some of our sprouted coconut seedlings have been planted in the yards of friends in Bluefields and I've noticed those trees haven't shot up quite as fast as the ones we have at False Bluff.
     One thing to which I attribute the growth of our trees is that I prune them. Coconut trees brown, or begin to die, from the bottom up.  Usually these older and very unsightly fronds are left on the tree.  I can't stand looking at those things; and so some years ago I began pruning them off...and the end result seems to have been that our coconut trees shoot up.
     Although visitors who've been involved in the project from before we began planting trees have commented on how fast the trees are growing....I may be imagining this.

16 May 2015

A child is born

     We've worked pretty hard to post here weekly...but there's not been a post in nearly a month.
    Instead, there's been a birth:  to H and H, a son; to G, a nephew; to me, a grandson.