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31 March 2020

Trip Update #1 - February 2020

We are back home and mostly caught up with what we can during the pandemic.  We had two family trips so far this year.  I hopefully will be able to download Mom's photos after things normalize and get some blog posts up from her trip.  Our family went down to False Bluff a few days after Mom got back.  Unfortunately with so much to do back home its difficult for everyone to visit at the same time.

It was very nice to get the family back down after having missed our last trip.  We usually fly American Air through Miami but the prices had gotten pretty high and the normal early flight was not available.  Its nice to be in Nicaragua before lunch and be able to fly LaCostena to Bluefields in the afternoon.  This trip we tried something new.  Affordable Spirit red-eye flights through Fort Lauderdale.  

Great price but hard to do with kids.

After some late night pre-flight running around with a bunch of other kids our boys finally slowed down a bit.  They stayed awake through the flight until we got to the hotel.  We stayed at the Airport Hotel X in Managua the Monte Cristo neighborhood.  Everyone finally fell asleep around 3am Managua time.  

Visiting the pet monkeys at the hotel before our LaCostena flight to Bluefields.

17 February 2020

Cabins are Closed In

Cabins are finally getting closed in.  For the most part at least.  Will still need from the wall up to the roof closed off.  Soon the interior work will begin.  

Still trying to figure out how to handle the utilities.  Even with the epoxy paint on the transformer it is still failing.  Will update on what the final decisions are.

03 February 2020

Always planting

While construction may move at a slower pace, it does give plenty of time to plant.

20 January 2020

Quality Deck Time

Going to be a good place to relax once the cabins are finished up.

06 January 2020

Building Supplies from BLU to FaB

Building in the jungle can be difficult.  Having to cross the bay, go through a couple lagoons, and up a canal can make transportation of heavy construction supplies challenging.





Boats loaded and ready for transport.

01 January 2020

Happy New Year 2020

Its been a few years since we started this family blog to document the progress of making False Bluff a reality.  The slow expansion has taken a lot of time and effort.  None of this could have been accomplished without the great people we have met and worked with in Nicaragua.  Thanks again as always.

For those of you that follow this blog or just happened across a post or two.  We hope you enjoy and gain some information.  One day we will hopefully have a place we can open up to visitors.  Please feel free to e-mail us if you have any questions.

As of today we have posted up 504 blog entries.  We have had over 210,000 total posts viewed.

Enjoy and Happy New Year

23 December 2019

South False Bluff Clearing Update

Clearing and planting South False Bluff is progressing at a steady pace.  The southern farms were purchased a few years ago before the power line had been cut through.  The vegetation was very thick and difficult to get through.  Using Google Earth we could see a very large brown area which appeared to be an estuary.  The jungle was difficult to get through and you couldn't see much of the estuary.  When the power line was cut, it opened everything up and allowed for a wide view of the estuary so you can start to get an idea of just how large it is.  

In the few years since the power line was cut you can see how quickly the vegetation has grown back up.

You can now start to see the extent of the estuary.  Hopefully one day after the trails have been cut in a nice viewing platform can also be built.

09 December 2019

The Squadron

It seems that groups of Pelicans have several names such as a pod, pouch, scoop, or a squadron.  They usually patrol in the single file line but occasionally we will see them in the V pattern.


25 November 2019

Salt Resistant Fencing

Several different types of landscape fencing have been tried out at False Bluff.  When we originally started improving our farm we tried using galvanized barbed wire.  It turned into dust in less than 2 years along the Caribbean beach side due to the salt spray.  We then tried using old fishing nets.  They are fairly plentiful and cheap.  They could be cut up and installed easily and withstood a lot of UV damage.  Unfortunately they were still nets and one day a large bird got hung up and had to be cut out before it could be set free.  We decided to try and find something better.  Our caretaker was able to locate some aluminum scrap cable from a recycling center and we have been installing it as fencing for a couple of years now.  It holds up great in the salt air and its now being installed along South False Bluff.

12 November 2019

Beautiful Gift of Handmade Paper Swans

A very thoughtful gift made for us and brought back last trip.  A handcraft art technique I had never seen before.  Amazing what can be made from folded paper triangles.

05 November 2019

Salt Air vs Electrical Transformer

It has only been a couple of years since the electrical transformer was installed.  The salt in the air was beginning to corrode the transformer.  An employee from Enel, the National Electric Company, had to be hired to come out, clean the transformer off and paint it with a salt resistant epoxy.

It did end up being a nice shade of blue.

22 October 2019

October Cabin Update

Exterior stucco / plaster has been completed on the cabins.  Doors have also been constructed and are now on site ready to be installed.  Windows will be ordered and custom made soon.

08 October 2019

More than 90% Completed

The national road to Bluefields is more than 90% completed.  The public buses have been running for about a year now on the new road.  There were some issues in the beginning but it sounds like things are smoother now.  It will be interesting to see how much commerce increases once the final parts of the road are completed.

14 August 2019

Bluefields Market

Just a few pictures from the public market in Bluefields.  A good view and some good affordable meals up on the second floor.

23 July 2019