28 May 2017

Above it all...

As recounted in previous posts, former Virginia neighbors visited False Bluff and decided they'd become neighbors again.

They purchased two of our building lots at Las Tortugas, the section of False Bluff set aside for those who want to be part of this adventure. They are taking the ‘raised house’ concept of the small place I’ve begun (see January 8, 2017 post) to a whole new level.
My structure is a room; their structure is a house - what we share is elevation.
K and L's house is raised to take advantage of both the view of the Caribbean and its constant breezes. Their front yard stretches almost to the beach tho they decided to build a bit back from the often temperamental sea.
Here's a slice of their view with just a glimpse of Cayman Roca showing on the distant horizon.

     And here's the beginning of their house...

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K and L won't be on site full time and so a feature of their design includes an internal staircase which empties into their elevated living space. The man who's making the house happen is shown here, standing on the living room floor...or maybe on the front porch.

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More pictures to follow! (And my thanks to L for sharing.)

21 May 2017

Another child is born

     In May 2015 I wrote about the birth of a son to H and H.  
     Well, H and H got another son; G another nephew; and I another grandson.

12 May 2017

Off to finish building a house

     Sitting on the dock at the far right of the picture below, Cesper Fox (about whom I've written a couple of previous posts) is waiting for his crew to sort out themselves and their tools as they climb onto a boatload of building materials headed to Las Tortugas at False Bluff.

07 May 2017

Condiments, pouched

     Just as milk comes in pouches (see earlier post "Milk and cookies"), so too do most condiments. The pouches aren't as subject to breakage and more of them can be packed for shipping than the sort of jars that many of us are accustomed to. 
     Most everything gets to Bluefields (despite a new 'road') is still by plane or boat - whether it's people or hammers or carrots or fire engines or...mustard and mayonnaise.
     Here's mayonnaise and mustard in medium as opposed to single-serving sized pouches. 
      (And no, the brand names are not all so picturesque as Ana Belly, whoever she was.)

     The "45" on the mayo and the "8" on the mustard are prices in cordoba. The exchange rate in Bluefields at the time of these photos was 29.65 cordoba per 1 U.S. dollar.
      One of my favorite pouch buys is tomato paste, which I don't have pictured. Not a condiment, I view tomato paste as a vital part of good cooking.

02 May 2017

In downtown

     ...Bluefields, an early morning delivery.