26 September 2017

A Decade - Part 2

Part 1 showed what the Caribbean side of False Bluff, Nicaragua looked like on our first visit.

This picture shows the first time we visited the west side of the farm almost a decade ago.  The west side is accessed by going through protected lagoons.  This bit of deep water in the mangroves is the start of what would eventually become our Nicaragua canal allowing us to reach the beach.  Digging the canal was a huge project and the previous posts are worth looking at.

This hole in the jungle is what has now become the head of the canal.

A Decade - Part 1

Time does fly and in a couple of weeks we will hit the 10 year anniversary of our first trip to Nicaragua looking for the perfect family farm.  

We looked at several properties all over Nicaragua.  This coastline looks pretty much the same along the 26 mile long bluff beach.  Except this bit of beach is False Bluff.  This picture was taken the first time we saw what would become our family farm.

This picture is one favorites from an early visit.

19 September 2017

Fresh Food

This nondescript doorway is one of the entrances to the public market that connects Bluefields to the surrounding communities.  Through this door comes food that is freshly caught in the bay or produce that is grown on the jungle farms that are only accessible by boat.  Well worth a visit.

12 September 2017

Town to Town

Most of the towns on the east coast of RAAS, Nicaragua have developed not on the Caribbean coast, but on the shores of the inner bays and lagoons which are all connected by miles of natural canals.  These protected waterways allow for safe commerce with all kinds of boats.  If you enjoy boats there are lots of unique ones to see when going from town to town.

05 September 2017

The Green Season

False Bluff is green throughout the year.  During the rainy season it becomes vibrant green.  Most tourists visit Nicaragua during the cold months which is also the dry season.  They miss out on the nature when its at its best.

01 September 2017

Good Days and Better Days

Is there such thing as a bad day at the beach?  Most every day at False Bluff is good, some are just a bit better.

Nice calm clear day, you can even make out Cayman Roca in the distance offshore.