26 May 2020

Trip Update #9 - February 2020

During the clearing of south False Bluff we were careful to leave mature trees, especially the older sea grapes.  Once they are cleared around and have space they really take off and can bulk up quickly.  They have no set growth pattern, more of a random wander, so as they mature they become very sculptural. 

Sea grapes provide nice shade and good sturdy place to tie a hammock.  They don't have a lot of middle or lower leaves when they mature so they also don't block the breeze.

19 May 2020

Trip Update #8 - February 2020

Not much is better than fresh coconut water on a hot beach day.  The kids helped to harvest some fresh coconuts to have after lunch.  

  Un-husked they are almost more than the kids can carry around.  Worth the effort though and always a good experience for the kids.

12 May 2020

Trip Update #7 - February 2020

The front yard has really transformed since the clearing years ago.  There are still some bare spots left to fill in but overall its coming along quite nicely.

Hopefully soon the new trees will mature enough to start making coconuts to harvest. 

05 May 2020

Trip Update #6 - February 2020

Always good to finally meet new people and see how new projects are coming along out at False Bluff.

Great design and going to make a nice beach house.

With an excellent view and breeze once some trimming has been done!