28 May 2019


     We're working on some changes to our False Bluff site and so there have been delays between updates.  That bothers us but hopefully we can get the issue straightened out sooner than later.  
     A deluge of stories have been available from all over the world about junk, garbage, trash in the seas and oceans of the world...mostly plastic.  And, of course, most of the stories are about the plastic and we want to provide a space here for some of these stories.  
     Part of our 'want' in that regard is that fighting trash on the unbelievably lovely beach at False Bluff is a daily chore.  It's interesting to note that when one walks either north or south along the beach at False Bluff there's a clear line indicating where our property ends:  we police the section of beach in front of our place but whoever owns the properties both north and south of us do not.  Please note that we don't get it right all the time...the damned stuff rolls in with every tide...but we're trying.
     So plastic and other trash is personal for us at False Bluff.  It should be personal for all of us...like this story, one of many about what a renowned chef finds while preparing food for his diners in one of his restaurants - article.

09 May 2019

Cabins going up

     For too long, the 'lede' picture here (if a picture can be a lede) has been of timber drying before being used to construct two cabins.  So here's a partial catch-up on how that wood's becoming useful places to stay.  
     All of our new buildings are set 8' above ground level so that the space below each cabin can be used for shady relaxation.  
     The first thing that happened was that the floor was attached to the supporting piers, constructed some time ago.  These two units are about 10' apart and not exactly side-by-side as shown here.

     And then came the flooring and the walls.  You can see where two large windows will open onto the front porch facing the sea, with a door opening at the right hand side of this front wall.  The windows of the units and their front porches (these front porches are accessible only from inside the cabin) will catch both views and breezes.

     The walls on this cabin are seen here from ground level.  The bump-out at the left and rear of the building is the landing (for stairs that hadn't been attached at the time of this photo).