29 January 2013

The first structure as it grows

   The house has grown in stages.  
   We added more rooms and a second story to the initial single story room.   The roof went from 'zinc' to thatch.  Young landscaping of hibiscus, mint, and lemon grass changed the scene even more.         
In the beginning, a room with open space to right
And then - from one room
...to more of everything.  

15 January 2013

Cayman Roca...again

   A fishing trip to Cayman Roca has become almost de riguer...and the fence crew was no exception.   They unloaded, set up camp, and were ready for a fishing trip.
    The boat used this time is shaped like a canoe and is carved out of a single piece of dense, heavy wood.   I don't recall if anybody caught a fish, but it's all about the adventure!

Pick that baby up, carry it to the water...
and head 2.5 miles out to sea...

01 January 2013

Emma and PigPig

   Cold weather has arrived in Virginia with a windy vengeance and Emma's helping PigPig to keep his feet warm.  Emma, a five-year old Dogue de Bordeaux, weighs just over a hundred pounds.  PigPig's a five-month old ditch kitty who won't weigh a hundred pounds if he lives a hundred years.   As different as these two are, they get on just fine together. 
   Happy New Year!