25 November 2019

Salt Resistant Fencing

Several different types of landscape fencing have been tried out at False Bluff.  When we originally started improving our farm we tried using galvanized barbed wire.  It turned into dust in less than 2 years along the Caribbean beach side due to the salt spray.  We then tried using old fishing nets.  They are fairly plentiful and cheap.  They could be cut up and installed easily and withstood a lot of UV damage.  Unfortunately they were still nets and one day a large bird got hung up and had to be cut out before it could be set free.  We decided to try and find something better.  Our caretaker was able to locate some aluminum scrap cable from a recycling center and we have been installing it as fencing for a couple of years now.  It holds up great in the salt air and its now being installed along South False Bluff.

12 November 2019

Beautiful Gift of Handmade Paper Swans

A very thoughtful gift made for us and brought back last trip.  A handcraft art technique I had never seen before.  Amazing what can be made from folded paper triangles.

05 November 2019

Salt Air vs Electrical Transformer

It has only been a couple of years since the electrical transformer was installed.  The salt in the air was beginning to corrode the transformer.  An employee from Enel, the National Electric Company, had to be hired to come out, clean the transformer off and paint it with a salt resistant epoxy.

It did end up being a nice shade of blue.