22 May 2018

Boats jockey for position

          Every day is market day in Bluefields when fresh food is delivered by boat directly from the source to the buyer.  Most of the food sold at the wharfs consists of very fresh picked bananas, oranges, lemons, plantains; and very freshly caught fish and shrimp. 
     Most everything for sale in Bluefields arrives in town by water.  Some of it gets flown in, but that consists usually of small stuff - not things like cars or king sized mattresses or roofing materials or new tires or a new couch.   Now that "the road" is finished more material will travel to town by truck; but the road is new and not totally reliable during the rainy season.
     There are several wharfs throughout the city, all with boats positioning themselves as close as possible to buyers.  This wharf is in the heart of town adjacent to the main market.
     Sellers and buyers know each other and shop daily for the freshest produce for home, hotel, sidewalk market, or restaurant.