27 February 2019

Plastic and Our Safety


     At False Bluff, every day we experience the intrusion of plastic as trash.  It's always washing up on the beach and we're always cleaning it off.  But the plastic problem is more than its impact as trash.
     Below is a link to the summary of study from CIEL, the Center for International Environmental Law.  The link to the entire report is at the end of the summary.  The study confirms what I think many of us have wondered...that plastic, trash or not, presents a danger to all of us, all the time.
     The summary is an easy but unpleasant read, citing early on the need for what it calls a "lifecycle approach," stating that "At every stage of its lifecycle, plastic poses distinct risks to human health"...and then outlines how, when, and where.  A lot of the where is in our bodies.       
     For instance, consideration of the risks at the stage of "Direct Exposure" proceeds from "Extraction & Transport," through "Refining & Manufacture," to "Consumer Use," and finally "Waste Management."