06 July 2015

Noni Fruit

     The Noni Fruit, scientifically known as Morinda Citrifolia but more aptly nicknamed the Pig Apple.  The juice from this green brainy looking fruit sells for a pretty steep price in the USA.  Out of all the "Superfoods" it's always near the top of the lists.  Based on a quick scan of the internet this fruit does everything and hardly nothing, which seems to be the case with all "Superfoods".

   One thing this fruit does do is stink.  The more it ripens the stinkier it gets.  Supposedly to make medicine from Noni Fruits you pick ripe ones off the ground, put them in a glass jar, let them liquefy for a week in the sunshine, and then drink the juice.  Noni seems to grow pretty much anywhere, including the beach within 20 paces of the hi-tide line.