24 January 2012

Let there be light...and keep that Kindle charged!

     It's early days in the project at False Bluff and miles from 'civilization' so mostly we do without conventional power sources except for the infrequent use of a borrowed generator to run tools during construction.   Batteries power  a multitude of light sources...hand held or hanging flashlights and headlamps are just a couple.   
     But there is light after dark even without batteries.   Crank the black handle on the underside of the flashlight shown below and you 'generate' enough power for three minutes of bright LED light...and the flashlight holds its charge between uses for at least a couple of weeks.  (I know, I know...the flashlight case says "China" right on the side, but I remember when so many things we bought said "Japan" instead.)  Although the paperwork with this little flashlight claimed 'three minutes' it gives welcome light for a lot longer than that!

     But what about a Kindle?   I'm one of many with a serious reading addiction...I can't make it through a 24-hour period without words, so a stay at False Bluff has been defined by how long the charge lasts on my Kindle and we recently had three Kindles at False Bluff.   
     Now a stay can be indefinite because of a small solar charger.   Most of these will charge anything with a usb port so I could even use my computer (though without internet access, for me that's pretty much a waste of time...but even the internet will eventually come to False Bluff).
Soaking up the sun, this charger is open all the way...
 ...part of the way;
and now it's charging a Kindle.