07 August 2012

Getting ready for work

   A new section of fence is going up.   When any new project starts, a crew comes out and stays at False Bluff until it's finished.   While the creek was being opened for boat travel (see previous posts), months of work were involved.  There was, of course, downtime for the crew members and lots of supply runs to Bluefields eight miles away through Smokey Lane Lagoon and panga pass.  
  The stay for the current fencing job will be only a few days and so the amount of food, equipment, and camping supplies is less.  Offloading at the dock near the house behind a lockable gate, puts everybody and every thing closer to the campsite.  These guys were on the beach and in the water about twenty minutes after unloading and setting up camp.  Fencing was on hold until the next day.
Equipment and food,
fence wire,
even the boat engine.