18 September 2012


   We've planted about 400 pineapples and some of the plants have begun bearing fruit.  When the plants are old enough to fruit, they're old enough to make baby pineapple plants so we'll be planting even more in the future.
   The very first pineapple plants, purchased on a trip north to Kukra Hill, were planted too close to the Caribbean to be thriving...too much salt in the air.   So bit by bit we're moving these first plants further away to a slightly sloping section just to the west of their current location, right where the newer plants are doing well.    
   All the plants, bearing and not-yet bearing, are about 50 feet behind and slightly north of the house...in the same area with bananas, yucca, citrus, and papaya...in other words, right outside the kitchen.  Nobody has to get in a car and go to a grocery store to pay...whatever you have to pay for these things now in a stateside grocery store.
At the base of a banana tree
 Both fruit and baby plants
Rows of pineapple