16 May 2013

Bermuda grass....maybe

     There's a really interesting grass that I think's in the Bermuda grass family.   It grows lavishly all over the Corn Islands but at the start of this project, not at False Bluff.....probably because when I started the project there wasn't any place for grass to grow.  Here's what it does on Big Corn where it seems to have an affinity for coconut trees, piling up against the base of a tree trunk like a ten car crash in a snow storm.  

     There's not very much of this grass to be found in Bluefields.  But there is some in the elevated front yard of the Moravian School along the main street; and it had 'dripped' out of the school yard to spring up in the cracks along the sidewalk four feet below.  I rescued some from pedestrian traffic.
      I planted the few small clumps I took out to False Bluff at the base of coconut trees - five or six trees, I think.  The grass has established itself well enough that now we're taking clumps from those patches to put at the base of other coconut trees.  And we've got a lot of coconut trees.  The picture shows where hand-sized  divots have been dug out for planting elsewhere (those divots are the size of the original plantings).

     Some people really dislike this grass, but I find it a pleasure to see and a pleasure to walk on; and since it grows right up to the edge of the beaches on Big Corn, I know salt water spray isn't a problem.   Anything that'll grow and thrive in that environment is worth planting....as long as it looks good.
      But one of the things about this grass I didn't know is the way it grows when it's starting out.