21 June 2013

And among the guests an artist

     Andre Shank, one of the guests from Virginia, is an artist.  He's  a prolific painter so he's adding new work to his blog pretty regularly.  I've got two of Andre's paintings, one a gift from him and two of the other guests; and one I bought later.   
     Two of the paintings on his blog are portraits of people he met while at False Bluff.  Mr. Allen (also see May 8, 2012 post) and Mr. Allen's neighbor Ariel, both of whom live on the beach north of my place.   You can see Andre's work, including the portraits of Mr. Allen and Ariel on horseback, at his blog.   Check it out to find the portraits of these two people:
     Mr. Allen and Andre at the Caribbean Dream Hotel on Bluefield's main street.

     Ariel heading past False Bluff on his way to El Bluff and then to work in Bluefields.