05 December 2013

Across Nicaragua

     Lots of people go to Nicaragua, and lots of those people fly on to Big Corn Island.  Few of those people end up in Bluefields - a shame for them and a shame for Bluefields.  
     La Costena Airline, a member of the Taca Group, is based out of Managua's Sandino airport and flies to ten domestic destinations.   Nicaragua's about the size of the state of New York and to fly from Managua to Bluefields takes less than an hour.
     La Costena's planes cruise at an altitude far less than 37,000 feet, so you get a good view of the countryside as you cross over it.

      Bluefields, located in RAAS, the southern autonomous region, is Nicaragua's largest port city, and is on a bay within sight of the Caribbean. You can see the bay in the left of the photo below.

        The runway stops just short of the bay...

     Easy to catch a taxi at the airport for the short ride to town where there are a lot of hotels.  I know only the Caribbean Dream Hotel in the heart of 'downtown' Bluefields:  clean, comfortable, with a restaurant on site, and close to most everything.