10 January 2015

Tropical Caribbean living?

     I just read this article about lessons the author had learned while living on a tropical island for two years:


     Among the lessons not mentioned in the article, a major one is access. 

     Did you know that sometimes people have a hard time getting to an island on which there's no airport?   And if you're going to live on an island with an airport, you might as well live in New York City which, while not in the tropical Caribbean, has both an island and an airport...and any kind of light bulb you might want (see article).        

    Sometimes people heading to an island where there's no airport - for instance Little Corn Island, Nicaragua, or most privately owned islands - can't reach the 'get away' because the sea's too rough for the 'get to.'   In fact the access problem is a reason some people who've purchased an island get rid of it, usually to someone so caught up in the romanticism of island life that access is the last thing considered before that new owner signs on the dotted line.
     Unless an island is privately owned, most islands are tourist destinations; and that's great for the tourists because even tourists need a destination.   But sometimes, if you're really planning to live in a place, tourists aren't the best neighbors.   After awhile, even the people who are the island's original occupants get tired of tourists despite the money the tourists spend.
    But if you're really thinking about a tropical Caribbean life for yourself, rest assured that there are options that present the good things the article mentions minus the things like watching tourists adjust to "Island Time" or not being able to get just the right lightbulb. 
    Nicaragua's Caribbean coast presents all the good things mentioned in the article - and more.   
    It's the up and coming option for those looking for what's good without much that's bad.