18 April 2015

1894 Map of Nicaragua's "Mosquito Coast"

     This great piece of history was sent by Herman Downs. Mr. Downs, born in Bluefields, lives in Miami and seems to have a library in his head. He comes up with some really interesting historical items about Bluefields and its surrounding areas...like this 1894 map that was published in the early 1900s. 
    Lots of the names on this map are still known in the area although there are some spelling and other changes, like it appears that False Bluff used to be called False Bluefields. (The name Bluefields is attributed to a founding pirate Abraham Blauvelt in the 1600s).
     The ads to either side of the map are great. One can only imagine what dining would be like in the "Cactus Saloon" which seemed to be well know for its Canadian Whiskey.