01 June 2015

A gate or two

     In a previous post I wrote how, since we had dug and opened our canal, lots of people had begun to use it.  Most of the people who travel our canal are people who own property along the beach or people who visit people who own property.  
     But we do get the occasional 'visitor' who ends up hunting on land they don't own or stealing coconuts or whatever.
     So we built a gate...actually we built two.  The one pictured here goes across the main canal (the other one just closes off access to the 'house' dock).  The folks pictured here had come from Bluefields to visit our neighbor Allen over a long weekend.  Their boat, left at our dock when they arrived, was tucked safely away on the house side of the gate, which we usually keep down and locked from sundown to sunup.

     After loading the boat to head back to Bluefields, everybody got a chance to see just how the gate works....which is pretty well!

     Before we added the extension to the bottom of the pole a small boat came right under the pole when the tide was out and water in the canal was low....and they arrived at night!  The dogs notified us and when we informed these 'visitors' that when the gate's down they can't come in.  They got quite upset; and said that well, if we were going to be that way, they weren't ever going to come out to False Bluff again!  And sure enough, they haven't come out to False Bluff again.  
     We dismantled the gate and took it to Bluefields that day to have the extension added to the bottom.