05 April 2017

Toad lemon??

     I'm told by people who live in the area that the fruit of this tree, currently bearing at my place, is called a 'toad lemon' because of its rough skin - but when I Google 'toad lemon' or 'toad lime' I don't come up with anything remotely like what I'm holding in my hand near the tree it came from (but lately Google's been a bad source about a lot of stuff).
     So, taking the word of the locals who surely know more than Google about what's blooming and bearing fruit at False Bluff...I introduce you to the very first 'toad lemon' harvested from a tree in my back yard.
      Almost the size of a tennis ball, the lemon has not only a rough skin but a thick skin. 

     But when this thing was cut and squeezed it easily produced 2 ounces of juice that made a wonderful lemonade...