01 November 2017


     Every trip to False Bluff is a reunion - with friends who have become like family, with acquaintances who have become friends....on the beach, in boats going back and forth, in Bluefields, in Pearl Lagoon, in Kukra.
     This time the reunion started at the airport.
     I've been acquainted with Alexander Scott for years. Initially he was closely involved with the Bluefields Sound System, which promoted local talent and made efforts to save music that was becoming only a memory.  
     Xander is now with blueEnergy -       http://www.blueenergygroup.org/
     I hadn't seen him in a while but there he was at the Bluefields airport, arriving only minutes after I did.  Standing around waiting for taxis, we caught up a bit and I urged him - once a frequent passer-by on his way to a farm north of us - to come out for a visit.  And happily a couple of weeks later he arrived for a picnic with his wife, his stepdaughter, some other youngsters, and some co-workers, including Guillaume Craig and his wife.
    Guillaume and his brother Mathias are co-founders of blueEnergy, a group that has some success at doing things most people don't have the stamina for.  Their stated approach is: "There are no quick fixes where we work. We don't give things away.  We stick around.  We take diversity seriously."  
     I was going to cut and paste pictures of Xander and Guillaume...and then realized I had already posted a picture of them at False Bluff the day of the picnic - so I'm just doing a repeat: Xander to the left, Guillaume to the right.

     There will be more here about blueEnergy because of the group's contribution to the overall environmental health of the area in which False Bluff exists.