05 January 2018

Batshit crazy?

      Today is really cold in the Virginia city where I am right now.  It's not as cold as in some places, like Boston where a 'bomb cyclone' is currently underway; but it's colder than in other places, like False Bluff. 
     All that said, it's really nasty cold for the city where I am right now.
     I spent a few minutes - a very few - this morning checking different local sources for the temperature.  My city's not a big one...population or square-mile wise...and so the taking of temperature doesn't happen over a huge area.
     One source quoted 11 degrees which didn't suit me at all.  I found two other sources that claimed 12; and one that measured 14.
     I settled on the source that gave me 15 degrees.  This didn't suit me either but it turned out to be the best I was going to get at that time of the morning.  That high temperature brightened my outlook considerably, eased my mind, let me get on with plans...yada yada yada.

     After thinking about this exercise it occurred to me that I might be batshit crazy.  But after a little more thinking it occurred to me that most people get their news this way...whether the news is the local temperature within a two or three minute time period or whether it's the most recent advances in cancer treatment or whether it's politics.
     This realization didn't necessarily make me feel better, either because there must be a lot of us who are batshit crazy or because I was just one in a huge crowd.  At least I checked multiple sources, which seems to be more than many people do.
     Tomorrow I might again end up checking for the most comforting temperature, going from one alternative fact to another.