26 April 2019

Nosy pelicans

     As long as I can remember, every morning - almost to the minute - a group of pelicans has flown south to north wherever the water meets the sand which is a slightly different place from day to day, entirely dependent on the tide.  
     Then an hour or so later they made the return trip, southbound from wherever they went.  
     When the sea is calm they'll sit in the warm Caribbean water, bobbing gently.
     This has been their habit for years.

     But that habit changed when construction began on our new buildings.  I noticed it particularly when I would be working upstairs at El Nido....applying caulk, sanding boards, most any kind of work.  Finally I realized I could just quit whatever I was doing and plop down in a chair on the porch and watch.  That was enough for them.  It turned out they were nosy.  

     Instead of flying along the water's edge they rerouted, moving a bit inland and closer to the ongoing work.  They don't stop to visit, but they fly lower and closer than they have for all those past years...close enough for me to watch their shadows chase them as they go by.  And they make more trips.