23 December 2019

South False Bluff Clearing Update

Clearing and planting South False Bluff is progressing at a steady pace.  The southern farms were purchased a few years ago before the power line had been cut through.  The vegetation was very thick and difficult to get through.  Using Google Earth we could see a very large brown area which appeared to be an estuary.  The jungle was difficult to get through and you couldn't see much of the estuary.  When the power line was cut, it opened everything up and allowed for a wide view of the estuary so you can start to get an idea of just how large it is.  

In the few years since the power line was cut you can see how quickly the vegetation has grown back up.

You can now start to see the extent of the estuary.  Hopefully one day after the trails have been cut in a nice viewing platform can also be built.