18 July 2023

Sugar Mango

 Famous for its extra sweet flavor, the sugar mango is found most often on one of Nicaragua's Corn Islands. 

Both the tree and the fruit of the sugar mango are much smaller than the better known mango that grows 'wild' in the Bluefields area...wild as in drop a seed and a mango tree might grow where the seed hits.

Harvesting fruit from an unpruned 'regular' mango tree is difficult. The trees get really big so you're often able to get the fruit from the top of the tree only when the fruit hits the ground.

Someone has saved us seeds from the sugar mango in the photo...a sugar mango in Bluefields...and we will start trees for False Bluff. The sugar mango tree is smaller and thus easier to control with pruning. It naturally has a beautiful shape and not only gives delicious fruit but is a lovely landscape plant.