07 November 2023

Flower of the cane

Flor de Cana...although it's not really the flower that's used but the juice.  

Much of Nicaragua provides ideal growing conditions for sugarcane.  Some areas are better than others, though, and in those places a huge amount of acreage is devoted to growing the cane.  The photo below, taken at False Bluff, is included simply to show what the plant looks like.  We have small clumps of the cane just for looks and to provide enough for family and friends as a snack.  Although we have done so, it's rare that we bother to press the cane to extract its juice.  We don't grow enough to make the effort worthwhile.

However, most of the cane in Nicaragua is used to make a rum that continues to win awards all over the world.  This rum - Flor de Cana - was founded by the Pellas family in the late 1800s:  the family still owns the operation.  In addition to being an exceptional product the company advertises that it is the world's first spirit to be both carbon neutral and fair trade certified.  

The story of the family is fascinating and is available by way of this link:  https://flordecana.com/story.html