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25 September 2011


        Bluefields, named for the Dutch pirate Abraham Blauvelt, is Nicaragua's principal Caribbean port.   The city spent part of the 1700-1800's riddled with British and French colonists and today its inhabitants comprise a real melting pot:  asian, black, indian, latino, white, and mixes of all of these.   A sign near the airport claims a population of just about 46,000 people but Bluefields feels a lot bigger than that.   Right now Bluefields is easily accessible by air or water.   A road from the west was recently completed but I'm told it's not for the faint of heart.   
     I'm always surprised when I read things that downplay what Bluefields has to offer to residents and visitors alike:  two universities;  a growing young museum;  a wide array of restaurants ranging from Chinese to an Italian place with linen tablecloths to the ubiquitous fast food chicken place with a kid's playroom; jewelry shops;  street vendors and markets;  a multitude of furniture, appliance, paint, hardware, and building supply stores that claim if they don't have in stock what you want they'll bring it in for you; carpentry and metal working shops;  and more...   Most of the businesses bear the names of their Nicaraguan owners but there are a lot of familiar names, like the Yamaha dealership, and Sherwin Williams and Radio Shack.   In other words Bluefields is a typical city. 
     Below shows a few blocks in the center of the city.   Upcoming posts will outline what's available at the lettered locations...a purely subjective selection I assure you.