03 September 2011

A fence

     Before bringing in a lot of building materials and tools, we put a fence around the area where the next phase of construction will be.   Fence posts were cut on the property at the creek's edge and off-loaded from the boat.   The posts were then carried to where holes had been dug, starting near the dock.   Because the fence will only be temporary, hopefully no more than a couple of years, we are using barbed wire for its deterrent qualities rather than its long lasting qualities.   
     I've strung my share of fence before but always with the sort of tools and equipment readily available in rural Virginia.   The way this wire was stretched was interesting and reinforced my admiration for the problem-solving capabilities of the people who work with me.   When it came time to attach the wire, two of the wire staples (horse shoe nails) were nailed quite close together to a scrap of wood.   A section of wire between barbs is placed between these two staples and a third staple holds the wire in place against the barb itself.   One person put pressure on the lever/piece of wood with wire attached and a second person nails the wire to a post:  simple and very effective.
     Hell, even a girl can do it!